Not long ago we heard about the death of the electric car, and thankfully that was not true. Many companies are getting ready to release these type of cars in the near future and now we have to figure out where to Zerova charge them. This will have a huge impact on the automotive industry as electric vehicle do not require an oil change or fuel. Think about all of the businesses around your cities from gas stations to mechanics tailored to only fulfill that role. They are either there to tune up or fill up your car, and these will be the ones that will have to get most ready for this new wave of automobiles.

In Japan the largest electric company has been working extremely hard to get the cost of the batteries, and their sizes both smaller as well as get these cars out on the road and test them with the public. Such test have also been done in New York with some of the hybrids, and so far the feedback has been positive enough for them to throw everything that they have into this new market. Most of the car owners such as myself welcome an electric car as long as the price of electricity stays low. This is one of those touchy subjects as even though I feel much better about not polluting the environment or spending money on fuel, I do not want to go broke in the process.

Most of the wars going on right now around the globe are caused by oil demand, and countries fighting hard to keep their hands on the remaining barrels. This will become less of a problem with time as many of the cars start to switch to alternative fuels and energy sources. So far the main factors keeping individuals from purchasing these vehicles was the cost and the non existent fuel stations. A car doesn’t do you any good if you cannot fill it up when you need to.

This is bound to change with the electric cars sometime next year as the local governments already promised to install over eleven thousand public chargers in nineteen states. The department of energy is involved as well and many of the companies are looking at home options as well as service stations. The time to fill up can be quite long running upwards to sixteen hours and some of the newer stations promise to be able and do the same within eight. This is an improvement but I hope that this becomes even speedier as I have heard about some new technology in Japan where this is done within twenty minutes or less. The most annoying thing is that other countries have taken our inventions and expanded on them as we were too busy arguing about whether to allow any additional offshore drilling instead of going after the root of the problem. Now we have to scramble in order to keep up otherwise it will be those foreign companies that reap the biggest rewards.