If you really want to excel with lead generation in your home business, Facebook marketing is the way to go. Social media is so powerful it lets you connect with people and build relationships with ease. I am convinced that Facebook can literally take your marketing skills to the next level if you take the time to not only learn the ropes, but to actually execute your task on a daily basis.

With that said, I want to give you 3 ways to increase your lead generation marketing skills with Facebook.

1. Tagging— Facebook has a beautiful feature called tagging. How it works is when you post content to your profile like a video or a note, you will have the option of tagging your friends. Now here’s the fun part. When you tag your friends, your video or your note will show up on their Facebook page, which means more viral exposure and traffic for you.

2. Pay-Per Click— Although Google AdWords can be a challenge, get more leads facebook makes it very easy for you to get the maximum exposure for the right price. Once you set up your PPC marketing with this social media giant, you will have the opportunity to be positioned in front of thousands if not millions of targeted prospects.

3. Add Friends & Mingle— Since I’ve been apart of Facebook, adding friends and mingling has increased exposure to my websites. How you might be asking? By nature, I believe we as humans are curious.

From experience, when someone adds me as a friend on any social media website, my next inclination is to go and check them out so that I can ultimately start a business or friend relationship with them. The importance of adding friends and mingling on all networking sites will help to get your name and business out to the masses.

Lead generation can become very easy with the right type of marketing. Your home business will soar if you utilize social media platforms in the correct manner. Make sure you avoid spamming your potential prospects for the best results