Family Safaris in Africa

Taking your family on a safari to Africa is the best gift you could ever give them. Watching wildlife species, birds and mixing with local people in reality will be a life time adventure. However, it’s extremely important to plan your family safari with tour operators since children are very delicate. Many safari tours have age restrictions on safaris. For instance, while you are in camps, Children are not allowed to walk on their own to avoid being attacked by the wild animals. If your children are under 12 years, it’s advisable to drive your family on your own where you will provide complete care and privacy for your family. Avoid long safaris for small children since they are easily overcome by boredom and sunburn. Also, restrict walking safaris and canoeing for children under 12 years.

South Africa is the leading country in Africa as far as infrastructure is concerned. Most of the roads are smooth, providing easy and flexible drive for your family. If you have small children, a safari to South Africa is ideal because there are many small private game parks where you can view a variety of wild animals within a short time. This will prevent your little children from getting bored. There is comfortable accommodation and swimming pools in all the parks where children can swim and pray around. You can also hire a nanny to look after the children as you walk and drive through the park where kids can hardly afford to keep silence when ordered to do so by the game guides.

All accommodation for Family safaris in Africa have beautiful luxurious lodges with various types of food for children, baby sitters and special safari guides. There are various activities prepared for children such as bush treasure hunts, making beaded necklaces and bracelets, visit a school or a village where your children will interact with the local children and make friends as they they try to learn their language, horse and camel riding, drawing and pictures. It will be very interesting as they watch wild animals for the first time.

A family safari in Kenya will will leave your children with much joy especially if you tour the Masai Mara and tsavo National Park where the kids will see the greatest wildebeest migration ever. This will also include watching the big five and other wildlife species. Of course you will not miss touring Mombasa and the Indian Ocean beaches and luxurious lodges where you will enjoy your meals and drinks under the hot sun. With grown up kids, a safari to Tanzania is ideal especially in the Serengeti game reserve where you can view a wide variety of wild animals. The kids will not mind the rough long journey. Other countries where you can take your family for a safari include Botswana, Namibia and Uganda.


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