Hazelnut Oil is a delicious nut oil pressed from hazelnuts. Hazelnuts, also called filbert nuts, have been cultivated in China for more than 5,000 years. Hazelnuts have been grown in the Pacific Northwest since the middle of the 20th century. Today, hazelnuts are second to only almonds in commercial production with most of the world’s hazelnuts sourced from Turkey.

Hazelnut Oil is made by grinding, roasting, pressing and then lightly filtering hazelnuts. Hazelnut Oil is able to withstand medium to high heats and is ideal for use in cooking or baking. Hazelnut Oil adds a rich flavor to salad dressings, pasta, grilled meat and especially fish. This exquisite nut oil is a delicious addition to nut-based baked goods, and is a rich substitute for butter when drizzled on vegetables.

Hazelnut Oil is often compared to olive oil due to their similar health benefits. Both have the same fatty acid composition with a high oleic-acid content, a type of mono-unsaturated fatty acid, that has been shown to raise levels of HDLs (good cholesterol) and lower levels of LDLs (bad cholesterol). Adding Hazelnut Oil to your diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Although it is classed as a semi-fatty oil, hazelnut oil is surprisingly light and has a completely different feel on the skin.

It absorbs quite quickly, is deeply penetrating and even functions as a stimulant to the circulatory system. Hazelnut oil nourishes while offering a light astringent action, has a high content of omega-9 fatty acids, lubricates beautifully, and helps to rebalance oily and combination skin.