Platinum rings have so many exceptionally wonderful qualities that seem to set them apart from rings made from other types of precious metal. With its sleek, glamorous look, this most beloved of precious metals has long been a favorite of the “glamorous set,” which these days includes movie stars, models and other fashionable types. But as sleek and “modern” as platinum jewelry seems to us now, its roots are actually very ancient indeed.

As a matter of fact, to give you a sense of just how ancient platinum is, meteorites are known to contain platinum (as well as numerous other metals), and we also know that Meteorite rings first struck the earth approximately two billion years ago. Historical records also indicate that platinum was used by Ancient Egyptians and other ancient peoples (including the Incas in South America). Platinum then seemed to “disappear” for a while, until it was “rediscovered,” first in the 1700s, and then again in the 1800s and 1900s. Today, in the twenty-first century, platinum rings and many other types of platinum jewelry remain a source of fascination and joy worldwide.

One of the most successful early uses of platinum occurred in the early 1900s when celebrated jeweler Louis Cartier figured out how to bring out the full glory or platinum in the jewelry that he made for royals and other wealthy individuals throughout Europe and beyond. Then, in 1924 a massive platinum deposit was discovered in South Africa, and from that point forward, the platinum industry had its principle source.