Home Building Management Skills – The Key to Getting Just What You Want

Building and remodeling aren’t for the unprepared. There are certain things you must do to be successful as an Owner Builder.

Question: What is the most important quality a Home Owner Builder should have?


First, let’s be clear what a Home Owner Builder is. It’s someone who plays an active role in their building or remodeling project. Whether they are a DIY owner builder or just people who actively involve themselves in the preparation and process.

If you’re able to provide a lot of DIY labor, I might suggest that your most important quality is your ability to provide skilled and efficient labor. This can be a big money saver but it still will take your time. And you’ll still need to have or develop another important skill.

HomeBuilding Management Process

If your main goal is to run the project without providing much, if any, labor, then the most important quality you could possess (or develop) is to effectively manage the professionals you hire.

Either way, it’s valuable to look at the process of home building as a business. London And in any business you need the skills to manage people and get what you want out of those people. The same definitely holds true for building and remodeling. It’s all about:


  • Knowing what you want
  • Hiring the best people possible to provide it to you
  • Managing those people as they provide you their services
  • Demanding to get what you have ordered


Yes, even a DIY owner builder needs these same qualities. Rarely is anything in life done completely alone. Your proper use of professionals and other people is the most valuable skill you can possess or learn.

HomeBuilding Coach Help

Finally, you don’t have to go it alone. It’s highly recommended that you hire a home building coach for any home building project and most remodeling projects. Your coach will provide you with information, step by step processes, guidance, and valuable industry contacts.

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