When mattress bags first started out in the Neolithic period, they were made of straw, grass, weeds and dried leaves – all shoved inside an animal skin. Things became very fancy around 3600 BC when goatskins filled with water were developed in Persia to make the first waterbed. After that, ancient Egyptians began sleeping on palm boughs and wealthy Romans slept on stuffed feather mattresses.

The poor usually had to sleep on bags stuffed with wool, reeds, or hay – if they were lucky. Eventually, soft cottons and wool became associated with the comforts of the bed. custom mylar weed bags The sensation of softness our ancestors worked so hard for over the centuries has a lot to do with the mattress and covers of today.

Maintaining the condition of the mattress for hygiene purposes and to make it last longer requires the best in bedding products – liners, storage bags, covers or plastic bags.

The popularity of thebags has a lot to do with the fact they make an old mattress look good without having to go out and buy a new one. It also protects your investment from body oil, sweat, water, dust, and germs. They are removable and washable, designed to remove the body impressions on the old mattress that makes the wear unevenly over time.

Many of the bags are treated fabrics with BioGuard Anti-Microbial with a one-ounce Flame Retardant Fiber in it. Designed to prevent germs and microorganisms from spreading, the bag can be easily removed and reinstalled at the last second for company. custom mylar bag There are several types of quality covers with many types of fills for the satisfaction of individual customers – flame retardant fiber, loft quilting foam, hotofill fiber, and visco-elastic Memory Foam – in all the popular mattress sizes.

Mattress bags are also designed is to transport your mattress when you are moving, or have just purchased a new one and need to store the older one. These are thinner with a purpose of protecting for a short time during transport – even though they are listed as heavy weight plastic.

The mattresses that seem the most vulnerable for bag tears are the large king and queen. Very bulky and heavy, fingers of the movers easily cause tears in the bags. A big plus for the bags is that they are able to dispose of bed bug infested mattresses or even the infested box springs safely without helping to spread the situation. They are easy to store and have a waterproof zippered bags for containment. Comparable are air mattress sleeping bags for company or camping out.