Romance in Action

Looking at romance: The United States as a population love romance. 64.6 million Americans read at least one romance novel in the past year according to Readership Statistics Romance Writers of America published in 2007.

Romance Literature Statistics: Overview

Explore the results of Romance Writers of America’s market research study on romance reader demographics and the romance fiction industry. These statistics offer insights to help you share in this billion-dollar-a-year industry.

Romance Sales

(source: Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2008)

Romance fiction generated $1.375 billion in sales in 2007

Approximately 8,090 romance titles were released in 2007

The common theme of Conscious living that I use as a coach is summed up in this statement: It is what you say it is.

During a current seminar series through a national education company one the topics was relationships. Our purpose was to figure out where we have been inauthentic in our relationships. Then share with others. Like a lot of the participants I went into the series hoping to find some new and unique ways to put romance back into my life.

What came out of the first assignment was a distinction of what romance was to me.

I saw it as most people do; a walk on the beach, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon at our favorite bistro talking about love and dreams. It all felt very dreamy.

I came home to create that candle light dinner, putting on soft music. Thinking about sitting together over a ‘romantic dinner’ it came to me this was not a true expression of my desires through romance. When I started looking at it, I was completely surprised that this was not all what I wanted in my relationship. I realized this was a place where the world of media taught me what romance was.

I began to define what I truly wanted, the fact it was romance was already present in my relationship.

It was a look, a touch, a playful interaction as we walked past each other through the house. It was that we would come to each other with our successes and failures. It was the love and support that created the bond of closeness. It is walking through the streets of Portland holding hands. It is the kindness of offering me a glass of water when he see’s I’m struggling with an issue. When I talked sex positions to my husband Sean about these things, his response was similar and this was romance in action!

The key that really helped me understand what romance was to me was when the coach at the seminar stated we are 100% responsible for our relationships. Through other workshops and seminars I have taken I knew exactly what that means.

Today I heard something from best selling author Harvel Hendrix that stated when we take 100% responsibility for how our relationship is going, our partner transforms before our eyes.

It is true, when we hold the another person accountable for our experience in life through blame, shame, needs not being met that we begin to break down our relationships.

After Sean and I discussed what I became aware of together we reaffirmed we already have the love we want. The romance that stirs our souls, the joy and bliss of a relationship of our dreams already exists for us!

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