If you don’t have any clue about what towing is or how it is done, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Once you’re done reading the article, you’ll know most things about towing. Towing is basically of two types and both are used for different types of vehicles.


Light duty towing is mainly used for vehicles that are under the weight of 7000 lbs and heavy-duty towing is mainly used for vehicles over 15000 lbs which is crazy. Moreover, both methods require different types of tow trucks.


Heavy-duty towing consists of a huge truck with expensive machinery on it which is not easy to use. A newbie should never be sent on a heavy-duty towing mission as it’s not something they’ll be able to pull on the first try. Maybe they will, but it’s dangerous not to know anything about heavy-duty towing and performing it. You can get yourself injured.

Heavy-duty towing should only be done by professionals as there are many things to be taken seriously that a rookie might overlook, so it’s important to train your crew before sending them out on any missions. Towing Santa Clara is known for its amazing crew, every mission is successful due to their highly skilled crew so, if you’re in the US, hit them up for any towing-related work.

Follow these tips when going on a towing journey:

Tow truck maintenance

Tow truck maintenance every week is a must because your tow truck gets weak after being on so many missions, anything could be damaged that you don’t know about, so it’s important to schedule maintenance for your tow truck every week so that you don’t get into any unforeseen circumstances.

Balance the load of the vehicle

Once the vehicle is towed and the straps are tight. Make sure to place some heavy objects on the front end of the towed vehicle so that it stays balanced and does not swirl around during the journey. This part can save you from major accidents happening on the road. So, keep this part in mind once the vehicle is towed.