There are many precautions towing workers ignore when towing a heavy-duty vehicle which is not safe at all. Safety precautions are given for a reason because heavy-duty towing is not easy and can be very dangerous if done wrong. This is why it’s important to follow every safety precaution given to you when towing a heavy-duty vehicle.

Commercial towing also known as heavy-duty towing requires the workers to be as careful as possible as towing a heavy-duty vehicle which weighs about 17000 lbs is not easy. If you’re not careful with it, you’ll end up dropping the vehicle from the tow truck doing damage to it and yourself due to which your company’s reputation could be at stake. This is why it’s important to be as careful as possible because you’re handling someone else’s property which you’ll have to pay for if you damage it.

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Here are some things to avoid when towing a heavy-duty vehicle:

Keep your cell phone aside

Full focus is required when doing heavy-duty towing which is why you can’t take any risk of getting distracted by your cell phone. A minor distraction can cause the whole process to go sideways. This is why you should always keep your phone aside no matter what. Only use it for emergency purposes which most likely does not happen if you’re fully focused.

Never do the towing process unless you’re trained

If you’re a beginner and have no idea what towing is, then you should probably not do it as there are more things to it than you think. You should ask the company you’re working for to train you so don’t mess anything up.

Take the right track for the mission

Don’t ever make the mistake of taking the wrong truck to a mission because if the truck isn’t able to hold the weight of the vehicle, it will most likely collapse sideways causing a lot of damage.