Wearing a hair wig is becoming even more popular options as they give a way to change your hairstyle without the expense and time associated with going to a salon. While wigs are a great and versatile option, it’s still important to be knowledgeable of the ways to keep your own hair from being damaged while wearing them. Some important steps to take to keep your hair healthy are:

1. Moisturize your own hair and scalp daily- Adding moisturizers will prevent dryness which would then lead to breakage. Look for products which contain a high amount of moisturizers like glycerine.

2. Wigs with combs tend to lead to hair breakage due to the friction braided wig between your hair and the comb teeth. You can opt to remove the comb teeth with a seam ripper and use about 3-4 bobby pins instead so that the wig can adhere to your hair. You can also choose to oil the comb teeth to reduce the friction caused.

3. Avoid wigs with caps that have tight meshes- wigs with close-knits have very close contact between the mesh and your own hair. This will eventually lead to breakage. Look instead for wig with loose meshes, so there is less contact and therefore a reduced chance of hair breakage. Another good, popular option is to use a silk cap under your wig. Ensure that that your wig cap is not pulling on your edges this will lead to breakage in these areas

4. Avoid products with short chained alcohols. These short chained alcohols [such as ethyl alcohol (SD alcohol, ethanol)] which evaporate easily from the hair products after being applied leaving hair dry and more prone to damage. If your hair products contain a lot of alcohols ensure it is a moisturizing alcohols such as ceteryl alcohol.

5. Don’t wear wigs constantly. It’s important to allow your hair to breathe from time to time. Avoiding this usually results in breakage. Allow your hair to to have a break from wearing wigs sometimes.

6. Moisturize and then wrap your own hair with a silk cap before bed each night. This prevents your hair from becoming dried out by the cotton pillowcases and sheets. This will then cause breakage.

7. Remove your wig, then shampoo and condition your own hair each week. Every month you should also deep condition your hair to add strength and moisture, also an important step to maintain healthy hair.

8. When braiding you hair, for best results its best to have all of it braided under your wig.