In the book of Romans in the Bible we have a verse that motivates me to use my gift of prophesy among total strangers in person on the streets of Sydney, Australia and on the world wide web on my web-site.

The verse goes;

Romans 12:6 6 Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith;

Let us prophesy according to our faith:

So what is prophecy?

Prophecy by my definition is a personal message or a corporate message from God at a certain place at a certain time. In the Bible before Request personal prophecy Christ, prophets used to bring a message from the LORD God through the Holy Spirit and these would be encouragement and warnings and advice on how Israel should live and practice their faith.

Many people think modern prophecy should be something that speaks about a person’s future, and some people think a modern prophet has to be always 100% right.

As a person who has the gift of prophecy let me say that I have not always been 100% correct and not all the messages I have given have been about a person’s future. Many times a prophet is speaking to a current situation in a person’s life. Often the prophecies I give via the web have a lot of scriptures in them as well as a running commentary message to go with the scripture.

So prophesy according to your faith is dependent on your faith. Many people might be able to deliver a prophecy to a person at the front of a line for prayer in a church when they can see the person and the Lord can impress something on your spirit. But to get a message for a total stranger on the web takes a bit of faith and yet God rewards the faith.

Meeting people in the flesh is helpful and easier. I meet total strangers on the street and all the time the Lord gives me a message for them, that when it is delivered a person can tell that the Lord was “100% on” with the message. Delivering prophecy to a total stranger is rewarding and leaves me very happy inside as I leave a non-Christian smiling and waving, it’s something that makes me smile all the way to the next encounter.

If I had an office and a counter and an advertisement in the paper as a clairvoyant, I could make some money from the gift. As a lesser person I could also charge for the messages on the Internet like some other ministries but I am not sure if the Lord would give me the messages any more as I have to trust and obey the Lord Jesus in all he asks me to do.

So I don’t prophesy for profit. I am a not for profit prophet and much more accurate than the average clairvoyant. The messages that I deliver to people might not be what they want to know from God, but they are the messages that God wants a them to know.

Everyone likes to read the good proverbs in the book of Proverbs and no one likes the proverbs about fools and what a fool is like. But true wisdom is found in taking the Word of God like medicine, both the encouraging words in the Bible and in personal prophecy and the bad words or the ones that are harder to swallow.

I have been fortunate to have had a few people send me money for prophecies and this has happened, it seems, all the times that I needed to spend money on the site, or something I was doing. Money should never be a motive to enter the ministry and never be your motive to prophesy!

Prophetic evangelism which is using the gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom in evangelism is effective and much fun. One time when I had ministered to four people in this way at a coffee shop the Lord asked me to ask them for $2.50 for a bus fare home. They were all happy to give me the money and took up a collection. I was very happy as it was pouring rain and it would have been a 10 mile walk home in the pouring rain.

There is a little more to this story. On the way into the city as I walked the 10 miles God led me to a hotel to listen to some music that was being played by a live band. One of my favourite songs from my past went “Don’t you go out in the rain. Don’t go out in the pouring rain.”

At the time I loved the song and sang along and danced a little, but at 11pm that night when I turned to leave the four guys at the coffee shop the Holy Spirit brought that song to my mind in order to give me His direction. I heard the song play in my head and the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask the guys for enough for a bus fare. They were happy to give me $2.50 and the Lord had forewarned me at the pub with the song.